Personal Training Gold Coast

So it is beginning, my move back to the place I love the Gold Coast. Finally I get to move back and start to help people reach their fitness goals. I will be able to officially say I am a Gold Coast Personal Trainer as of mid early July.

So if you are reading this and are thinking about exercise then Gold Coast personal training might be what you need. Maybe you are sick of looking in the mirror and felling depressed due to excess weight, or maybe you open you draws and see the old pair of jeans that you use to wear now way to small for you. Whatever the reason you can do something about it.

Fresh Air Fitness is all about working on your health in a wholistic approach, we change your mindset, your diet and your exercise levels so you look and feel vibrant and alive in now time at all. The best bit is we help you change your habits so that you can keep the weight off without having to think about it.

Seriously if you have any thoughts about getting fit take action, you will not regret it. We will have you getting healthy with a smile on your face.

The INBA 2011 video below looks hardcore, and it is. This is the extreme level of fitness and what people would like to reach in the fitness industry. I have finally reached this level and this year in May entered my first sports model competition.

You might not want to get to this point, but what I learnt from entering this I can adapt to your health triangle to help you reach your potential as fast as possible.

All the best with your healthy livving. Feel free to comment with questions.

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